Ezra Million is a graphic designer, content creator, and architect in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His goal with each project is to create meaningful and compelling content through design while having clear communication and excellent responsiveness with his clients and audience.


Ezra is currently working as a Consulting Senior Graphic Designer at Gebeya Inc. A SaaS-enabled, Pan-African talent marketplace, and is a Founder and Managing Director at GETZ, an Ethiopian multimedia platform focused on presenting quality African cultural content through cooperation with relevant members of the creative economy in the continent.

Through more than 8 years of experience, he has had the opportunity to create great campaigns and designs for Big brands such as Canbebe, DIAGEO, 54 Capital, Unilever, Vodacom, and many more. Although he mainly specialized in Branding and Editorial Design, he is also skilled in Creative Problem Solving, Typography, Art Direction, Outdoor Advertising…

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Ezra finished his primary and Secondary Education at Lideta Catholic (Cathedral) School Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a high school diploma. and for his professional Education he studied Architecture and got his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture from Addis Ababa University (EiABC).


Ezra is a bit of a paradox and a human who enjoys an adventurous and active life (traveling, hiking, camping, swimming, …) while at the same time enjoying sitting on a computer for hours on end working on the tiniest details. Loves Deep conversations, Learning new things, Reading Books, and Watching Movies.

In his free time, he creates original content for Instagram and shares his experiences and knowledge on his blog creatively named (Ezra’s Blog).