Minimalism and Becoming a Minimalist

Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things you really need—those items that support your purpose. Removing the distraction of excess possessions so you can focus more on those things that matter most.

In short minimalism is about:

  • Only having the necessities
  • Decreasing your expenses as much as you can
  • Living within your means

Why did I decide to follow Minimalism

I have always liked being in a tidy and clean room. My parents used to appreciate that about me. But when time went on I had a hard time keeping my room clean and organized since there was too much stuff I had accumulated over the years.

After some time my room got to the point where it was so messed up that I couldn’t find stuff I was desperately looking for. and it kept happening over and over again. Stuff had started disappearing because of the mess in my room and I wouldn’t notice that anything was missing until I needed it.

The only time my room got organized was when I had school breaks and I was stuck home doing nothing. Which was twice or three times a year. And even that was never a solution it always went back to being a mess in less than a month.

It was at this time I learned about minimalism and realized even when I had a lot of cloth and stuff, I usually used only a few I actually loved, and gave me joy. That’s when I decided to become a minimalist.

So when I moved into my new place last year (Why Move Out of Your Parents House), I saw an opportunity to actually practice this lifestyle. I decided to take only a couple of items I really needed and loved and give the rest away. (FYI It all fit into one suitcase)

I don’t really remember where I heard it from but this has become a guiding principle I live by:

Love People Use things”.

Stuff to Use

🧣 Cloth

  • 5 shirts, 5 T-shirts, 6 Trousers (3 Jeans 3 Kakis), 7 Boxers, 4 Jackets (2 occasion , 2 Normal), 6 Shoes (3 Snickers, 3 Leather)


  • Work Desk, Bed, Office Chair, Shelfs, Mirror, Lamps, 15 Plants


  • 2 Eye Glasses (Sun, Computer), 1 Watch, 2 Necklaces, 3 Rings, 20 Artifacts, 30 Books, 2 Notebooks

🧰 Tools

  • Drill, Meter, Screw Drivers and Pliers, Hamer, Water Level, Pipe Wrench, Computer, Mobile Phone, Wacom, Shaver, Clothing Iron